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At Stratified Solutions we constantly analyze the marketing strategies, regulatory compliance, and service practices of our clients and strategic partners, as well as perform complex market analysis which is the key to aligning with the right products and services. We dedicate extensive time to seek out the top 1%—the market’s strongest products and services—so that our clients can focus on adding the best to what they do best.

“The more two products or services are alike, the more important their differences become.” -Regis McKenna


The people in our business are in the right roles. Are yours?

Stratified Solutions has almost two decades of strategic network refinement helping to develop successful business partners that share our core principals. There’s a lot at risk if you can’t spend the time to determine if you have the right people in the right job, and that holds true for the people that you do business with. What are their responsibilities? What is their specialty? What are their shortcomings? Have you spent the time necessary to assess each business or service that you use or plan to add to make sure it is the best for that role? WE HAVE!

“Our success has really been based on our strategic partnerships from the very beginning.” -Bill Gates


At Stratified Solutions we know that the final and most important element separating good ideas from real success is mastering the process of implementation. Once services are arranged and agreed upon, it becomes paramount that you are managed through processes leading to successful scalability and practice integration. We have a passion for detail and the unmatched ability of taking a “good idea on paper” and successfully executing it in your medical practice.

“Organizations are successful because of good implementation, not good business plans” -Guy Kawasaki

"Nothing happens until the pain of remaining the same outweighs the pain of change."


Physician & Provider Solutions

Physicians who prefer a single vendor channel when managing multiple products & services: 8 in 10

Average number of new clinical services added by physicans in the past 12 months: 1.5

Average number of services a Stratified Solutions client has added over the past 12 months: 3.5

Doctors that have recently started providing ancillary services: 1 in 5

Change to fee for service care payments in the next 6 years: 50% of provider reimbursement




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